PRINT // client / agda.Double sided poster design for AGDA, explaining how the Australian design industry works.

PRINT // client / agda. Series of posters for upcoming AGDA seminars. The designs needed to relate to one another and share a common theme, while communicating the unique subject of each event.

BRAND IDENTITY // personal brand identity. A focus on simplified organic forms, interchangeability and flexibility. Inspired by philosophy of Wabi Sabi and the minimal fine lines of Japanese design, each element is capable of being used by itself or in conjunction with other elements.

EDITORIAL + DIGITAL PUBLICATION // client / taylor magazine. The cover design responds to a brief which called for a youthful and urban aesthetic that incorporated hand drawn elements and collage. The magazine layout was then designed and turned into an interactive digital publication suitable for iPads.

BRAND IDENTITY + PRINT // client / city of sydney.Brand identity and collateral for the Symphony in the Domain event ‘Constellations’. The logo was inspired by notions of connectivity, networks and both the individual and shared experience of music.

PACKAGING // client / cucina colosseo.Packaging design and product mockup for a new range of ready made, gourmet and high end food products. Target audience identified by client as trend-aware young professionals.