My name is Philly Smirk, I’m a Sydney based Graphic Designer specialising in brand identity, creative direction and concept development. I appreciate attention to detail and will always choose quality, meaningful work over quantity. When I’m not aligning everything within my reach or tending to my veggie garden, I’m creating unique and simple design solutions supported by an authentic story and a considered strategy.

With a background in fine art and interiors, and a Diploma in Graphic Design, I like to take a multidisciplinary approach to all that I create. For me, conversations, pens, paper and paint all precede the computer phase of the design process. Inspired by our natural environment and the human experience, I believe in ethical design and original, thoroughly developed concepts. If that’s something you’re into, or if you just want to talk veggie gardens, let’s chat.


I understand that time spent developing strong concepts and paying close attention to detail goes a long way. Above all else, I love turning the visions and projects of inspired humans into thoughtful, effective and enduring designs. Every project is unique and tailored to it’s audience and purpose.

To me, a well considered brand has the power to effectively speak to it’s audience, while allowing for future flexibility and growth. Better still, small businesses full of integrity have the power to positively change the world - and creating design solutions to further their reach is what I love to do.

I never underestimate the value of strong visual communication and never, ever met a beautifully packaged bottle of wine I didn’t buy.

Size is of no relevance to the clients I work with. Whether you are an artist running a small business or a bigger company looking to make change across a large market, I would love to hear from you. If you’ve got an idea and are in need of some design advice or just want to chat [re; logos, collaborations, sustainable ideas, new projects, gardening advice, good times etc etc], hop onto my contact page.